Tobacco Scented Whiskey Caramel Truffles

Friends of ours have just recently opened a restaurant called Big Tobacco Kitchen & Whiskey Bar in Hamilton, Ontario. The “Big Tobacco Kitchen” gets its name because the menu draws from the childhood experiences of the owner, who grew up on a tobacco farm in Norfolk county. Megan and I thought it would be cool to make them a Christmas gift that was inspired by the story of their new restaurant.

Whiskey Caramel Truffles (makes roughly 22 truffles)

33g light corn syrup
44g sugar (1)
80g 35%
22g butter

55g sugar (2)

20g whiskey

1. In a sauce pan, heat corn syrup, sugar (1), 35% heavy cream and butter and bring it to a boil
2. In a separate pan, caramelize the sugar (2) until desired colour is reached
3. Slowly pour in cream mixture
4. Cook until 107°C
5. Stir in whiskey, and let it cool to room temperature
6. Once cool, pipe caramel in truffle shells
7. Using tempered chocolate, cap the truffles by adding a little bit of chocolate to seal the opening
8. Roll truffles in tempered chocolate, then cocoa powder

From a Francisco Migoya class last October, I learned about aromatizing truffles with the scent of tobacco to give a light hint of the fragrance without directly adding any tobacco to the truffles. In this instance, the truffles are left in a bed of tobacco and over the course of several weeks, the truffles with gain a light tobacco aroma.

Chocolate, Modernist

Campfire Smore

On June 15,2015, John Placko, Rodney Alleguede and myself, with the help of our friends from Cacao Barry, offered a free demo for pastry chefs in the city at George Brown College. Each one of us had a task, a idea to present, for me it was chocolate with modernist techniques.

My concept was a modern chocolate smores. The bonbon had multiple components that would require several new techniques: a smoked ganache with the smoking gun from Polyscience, a caramelized chocolate component and an edible wick that is torched in front of guests.

Smoked Chocolate Ganache

160g  Heavy cream
110g  Dark chocolate
50g Milk chocolate
20g glucose
40g butter

1. In a saucepan, add heavy cream and glucose
2. Using a smoking gun, smoke the cream and let it sit for 20 minutes
3. In a stainless steel bowl, add dark and milk chocolate
4. Using a smoking gun, smoke the chocolate mixture and let it sit for 20 minutes
5. Heat the cream to a simmer
6. Add it to the chocolate and let it sit for 30 seconds
7. Mix until combine, add butter at 37C
8. Pipe into moulds

Once the bonbon is capped, it is inverted to have the round side facing down. A caramelized white chocolate disc and popping candy is placed on top, along with marshmallow and the edible wick.

Chocolate, Modernist

Aerated Chocolate At Home

In order to make aerated chocolate bars, you will need a food saver and an isi gourmet whip.

Over a pot of simmering water, melt 250g of chocolate.

Once the chocolate is melted, add 15-20% of cocoa butter by weight.
Transfer chocolate mixture into a isi gourmet whip and place two charges in the canister.

Dispense chocolate mixture into a food saver marinator.

Vacuum chocolate until it doubles in volume. Place mixture into freezer until set, release pressure and serve.

Chocolate, Dessert, Pastry

The Woodland

On November 12, 2014. I was honoured and privileged to be presenting modern pastry techniques to a room full of pastry chefs from around the city. With inspiration from nature in mind, I adapted several components to create three different plate presentations. 


60g milk chocolate (Alunga)
40g dark chocolate (Ocoa)
100g 35%
24g butter
In a sauce pan, bring 35% to a boil.
Add chocolate, then emulsify butter at 37C.
Cast in moulds and freeze.
Dip frozen chocolate in white chocolate coloured with black powder.

Honey Mushroom Meringue

100g egg whites
145g sugar
65g water
12g honey

In a sauce pan, heat sugar, water and honey until 121C
In a stand mixer with a whisk attachment, whip egg whites into a meringue with soft peaks
Slowly pour sugar mixture into meringue while mixing on low speed
Whisk until stiff peaks, pipe half rounds and stems
Dehydrate at 70C for 10 hours, or until completely dry.

Rocks (Aerated chocolate with truffle essence)

227g dark chocolate (Ocoa)
37.5g neutral oil
7.5g white truffle oil
2 N2O charges
Combine chocolate and oil, heat at 45C.
Transfer chocolate into siphon. Charge.
Dispense in Food Saver, and vacuum until set.


43g orange oil
2g ash
33g malto

Combine orange oil, ash and malto.